Ashok Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is located at Jitpur, near Simra in Nepal. It produces a range of quality steel-rolled products for the construction industry. The plant at Jitpur is equipped with all modern lab facilities and enforces strict quality control measures at every stage of production to ensure uniformly high quality in end products. The plant also benefited from technical assistance from India, France and Japan.
The technical resources at Company’s disposal ensure rolled products of high dimensional accuracy as per various international standards. The present folder provides details of the full range of Ashok Steel’s rolled products- with necessary material specifications and dimensions to assist in your selection.

Our Missions

- To produce steel and allied products of the highest standards that provide safety, security, and also tremendous value for money.
- To gain the trust of all parties in the chain of supply and ultimately the end consumer through consistent delivery of the highest level of product backed by industry-leading services.
- To observe best business practices in all areas of operations and hire people on a merit basis and training and empower them to perform their duties at the highest level.
- To provide a rewarding work environment and abundant growth opportunities to staff at all levels – from factory floor to office floor – taking into consideration their unyielding efforts towards the growth and progress of the company.
- To provide lucrative returns to all stakeholders while steadfastly following the vision with which the company was established.

Our Vision

- To be the leading steel manufacturer and the catalyst for the growth and development of a new Nepal.

Our Features

- Sustainable

- High Strength

- Heat Resistant

- High Quality