BIG Industries, also known as the Business Interest Group of Industries Ltd., was founded in February 2021 with the aim of benefiting society by providing healthy and hygienic agricultural products and fostering an entrepreneurial culture through investments in various sectors. The company envisions bringing together professionals, experts, farmers, and the public by offering ownership opportunities and empowering the community.

BIG Industries operates across diverse sectors, including agro-production, trade and distribution, hospitality, agro-tourism, farm housing, education, health, and clean energy. The company continuously conducts research and development to identify potential business areas. It carefully evaluates investment opportunities through expert reviews, business feasibility plans, and diversified portfolios.

Typically, BIG Industries promotes industries that are publicly owned and traded on the stock exchange, in accordance with the applicable laws.

To expand its operations, BIG Industries has established several subsidiary companies in various fields. It has already commenced agro-processing and trading activities to establish market connections and expand its reach. The company has also acquired approximately 35 bighas of land across different locations to develop model agricultural and research facilities, establish industries, and promote community farming.

Business Strategy

- Agro Trading

- Agro Manufacturing

- Community Farming and Agro Products

- Hospitality

- Agro E-Commerce

- Investment and Financing

- Clean Energy

- Educational Institutions

- Community Welfare Institutions

BIG Businesses and Subsidiaries

- Agro Production (Prime Janaki Agro Farm, Mithila Upaban, Go Green Farms, Safal Kishan)

- Agro Processing (Chitwan Food Industries, All Foods Industries)

- Agro Trading (Prime Corp Global)

- Education (BIG Education Foundation)

- Hospitality (Budanilkantha Heritage Hotel)