"Transforming Dreams into Reality: Global Moon Consultancy - Your Trusted Education Consultant"

Established in 2009, Global Moon Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a leading education consultancy, revolutionizing the way students pursue their academic aspirations. With a track record of successfully guiding countless students to rewarding destinations across the globe, we have garnered a reputation for excellence in education consultation. Whether you envision studying in Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, or major European countries like Denmark, UK, Spain, Italy, and Norway, Global Moon Consultancy is your gateway to success.

At Global Moon Consultancy, we take immense pride in our team of experienced counselors, educators, managers, and instructors. Their collective expertise creates a unique and supportive environment, allowing us to deliver flawless counseling services. We are committed to translating your dreams into reality promptly and efficiently, ensuring your academic journey is both fulfilling and practical.

We believe that education should be accessible to all, regardless of educational background or geographical location. As a friendly and outspoken consultancy, Global Moon Consultancy welcomes students from diverse educational backgrounds. Our inclusive approach fosters an environment where every student feels valued and supported throughout their educational pursuit.

If you're searching for a counselling and consultation service that can redefine what's possible, we invite you to visit Global Moon Consultancy. Our experienced team is eager to assist you in realizing your academic dreams. Step into our office and experience the difference firsthand. Let us empower you to achieve remarkable academic heights.

Study Abroad

- Study in Japan.
- Study in Australia.
- Study in the UK.
- Study in Denmark.
- Study in Canada.
- Study in Korea.
- Study in the USA.

Test Preparation

- NAT(N5 & N4)