Interior Design Nepal (IDN) is a commercial Interior Design Portal with a global presence, established in 2018. IDN offers valuable resources to commercial Interior Designers and their clients, aiming to advance the profession and enhance business value. We have successfully established IDN as a platform for all designers in the country, providing Interior Designers and design services to both the government and private sector.

Interior Design Nepal is a reliable and professional organization for interior designers in Nepal. Our growing national and international involvement caters to both commercial and residential sectors, ranging from traditional to cutting-edge designs. In addition to rigorous entry requirements that encompass training, knowledge, and professionalism, we expect our members to continually pursue professional development throughout their careers to ensure their sustained expertise in the design process, practice, and regulatory matters. Interior Design Nepal is the sole professional organization for interior designers, esteemed and trusted for its services and expertise in the field.

Our Services

- We create and promote local art and creativity.
- We support design professionals, firms and their clients.
- We are creating a platform for industry affiliates.
- We support educators and help them promote in the field sector.