Max Media Pvt. Ltd. is a comprehensive media management agency established with a mission to provide cutting-edge media-related services to enhance values regarding media exposure. We provide services that are designed to meet growing demands for professional and efficient media management of today’s clients. We have introduced a global approach to the Nepalese media industry by making a wide range of the latest and most effective media-related services available locally.

Established in 2000 A.D. we have garnered almost two decades of experience in comprehensive media management: our services now range from fundamental media services such as media Strategizing & Planning, Buying & Release, and Media Monitoring to effectively implementing parallel and allied services like Consumer Insight & Media Research, Social Media Integration, Post Campaign Analysis, and New Media Innovations.

Within a short span of time, we achieved the benchmark of being the biggest media volume provider in all four major media segments (Print, Radio, Television, and Digital). We currently host the widest range of media networks in Nepal and have built trust, confidence, and partnership with all national and regional media houses in Nepal. This business volume and service quality has established us as one of the most trusted and recognized agencies amongst Nepalese Advertisers.