Naturo Earth emerged from the growing movement that advocates for a wholesome lifestyle, aiming to blend ancient wisdom and practices with modern living, enabling individuals to embrace a natural, healthy, and fulfilling existence. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services sourced from the heart of the Himalayas, fostering mindfulness and overall happiness.

Distinguishing ourselves as the sole purveyor of genuine and organic products, we offer an extensive range that encompasses the finest tea and spice blends, as well as an array of personal care items, including handcrafted soaps, essential oils, body scrubs, and environmentally sustainable alternatives like salt lamps and soap granules.

Each item is meticulously chosen and thoughtfully packaged to form a treasure trove of biologically valuable goods for consumers worldwide who seek to lead purposeful and mindful lives. By being deeply integrated within the ecosystem of farmers and artisans, we curate the finest selection of organic produce for our discerning customers. Our endeavour is to amalgamate plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging methods to minimize harm to the environment and all living beings.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle entails more than just nourishing your body with the right foods; it also entails being mindful of what you apply to your skin and the environment that surrounds you. And how do we fulfil our commitment to authenticity and organic integrity? In the Himalayas, organic is not merely a term, but an intrinsic way of life.

Our Products

- Bath & Body (Body Wash, Body Oil, Body Cream, Bodu Scrub, Bath & Accessories, Handmade Soap bars, Bath Salt)

- Hair (Woden Comb, Shampoo Bar) 

- Face (Facial Rounds, Face Wash, Lip Balm, Face Pack, Moisturizer, 
Face Serum, Soap)

- Super Food & Tea (Hemp Seed Oil, Honey, Teas, Nettle Leaves, Moringa Powder & Tea Bag, Flax Seed Oil)

- Oils (Premium Oils, Essential Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil)

- LifeStyles (Soap Nuts, Salt Lamp, Hemp Products)

- Gifts & More