Nepal Bazar was established on 24 August 2011 A.D. and is located at Mahendra Chowk, Biratnagar. Nepal Bazar operates a retail format in both the value & lifestyle segments of the Nepal consumer market. In a very short period of time, Nepal Bazar has earned fame and has a strong bonding with its suppliers & customers. Nepal Bazar is the only market in Biratnagar town which is open 7 days a week and 12 hours a day.

Nepal Bazar International Pvt. Ltd. has a total of five branches in Biratnagar city. The Main branch is located in Mahendra chowk, Biratnagar-15. The other four outlets are situated at Tinpaini, Tankisinwari, Kanchanbari & Pushpalal chowk. Nepal bazaar is currently in the aggressive expansion phase. We are set to open one last outlet at Biratnagar. Nepal Bazar receives over 2500 footfalls every day in its Mahendra Chowk branch alone. Nepal Bazar has already emerged as the favorite shopping destination for millions of customers not only from Biratnagar city but also from all over Koshi district and Eastern Development Region. Its success is a true testament to the emotional bonding it has established with the Nepalese customers, on account of its value offering, inspirational appeal, service level, and goodwill of directors.