Tara embodies the essence of 'Artistic Expression'! We firmly believe in the fusion of art, creativity, and profound philosophical inspiration within our exquisite jewellery. Our mission is to empower local artisans, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship and presenting their masterpieces to the world. The name 'Tara' pays tribute to the owner's beloved late grandmother and also resonates with the compassionate and benevolent Goddess Green Tara, who serves as a guiding light for the liberation from all forms of suffering. Our brand logo beautifully captures her essence with a vibrant green hand outlined against a backdrop of a delicate pink lotus. The green palm symbolizes healing, rejuvenation, and growth, while the lotus represents the inherent power of purity. It is a handicraft made by Nepal Products.

Our Products

- Tara Silver Inverted Lotus Earrings

- Tara Gold Inverted Lotus Earrings

- Tara Cleopatra Studs

- Tara Luck Earrings

- Tara Mayur Studs

- Tara Mini Floral Studs

- Tara Floral Pendent

- Tara Emerald Feather Earrings

- Tara Silver Feather Bracelet

- Tara Raindrop Studs

- And More.