Tekka is an online shopping store. We offer various products that are made in Nepal. We produce our product with the joining of local women. Our main goal is to promote local arts, skills, crafts & handicrafts. We provide various types of handicraft products, local food, accessories, decor accessories and more. 

Tekka Store serves as a vibrant hub showcasing a diverse range of Nepali products. Our mission is to mobilize local manpower and resources, channelling them into the creation of exceptional masterpieces that cater to the needs of our esteemed customers. With a strong emphasis on the mass production of locally-made goods, we firmly believe that fostering the growth of domestic manufacturing industries is the key to our nation's prosperity.

Our unwavering commitment lies in harnessing local resources and manpower to produce high-quality products that are accessible not only to our fellow citizens but also to customers beyond our borders. At Tekka, we are dedicated to promoting local production and sourcing our products from every corner of the country. Each item we offer carries within it the stories of supporting local entrepreneurs and empowering women, encapsulating their authenticity and traditional values.

Self-sustainability is a shared mission at Tekka, and we believe it is the responsibility of every individual. Let us unite in our endeavour to build a nation that is self-reliant in meeting its functional and aspirational product needs, free from dependency on external sources. Together, we can shape the future of our nation through the power of our remarkable products.

Our Products

- Bio Degradable Eco Pads

- Home & Decor (Tissue Box, Blinds, Banana 3 pocket Hanging, Small Flower Pot, Pure Silver baby Pasni Balla, Pure Silver Chandan Khori, Pure Silver Chatra Kalash, Pure Silver Aargha, Storage Hanging, Macrame Hanging, and more.)

- Baby & Maternity (Cashmere four-button, Knitted Half Sweater, Baby Cardigan, Crochet Elephant toy, Baby Hats, Cotton Maternity Bag, Handmade Crochet turtle Toy, Crochet Rhino Toy, and more.)

- Wearables (Women's New High-Neck, White Cashmere Crop Top, Red Cashmere Crop Top, Balloon Sleeve Sweater Outer, Unisex Pashmina Cap, Pashmina Wool Mix Slipper, 5-Button Pink Sweater, Printed Pashmina Shawl, Cotton Shawl, and more.)

- Stationery (Hand Painted Lokta Paper, Nepali Paper Journal, and more.)

- Accessories (White Metal Bracelet, Brass Bracelet,  Bead bracelet, Wing earring (E002), Hair Pin, Hand Cut Oval Fused Earring, Hand Cut Oval-Shaped, Wallet Banana Textile, Made for an Angle (E005), and more.)

- Bags (Banana Tube Mix Bag, Skeleton & Flower Tote Bag, Unicorn Tote Bag, Crochet Tote Bag, Leaf Painted Tote Bag, Banana Fiber Leather Mix Bag and more.)
- Food (Lapsi Candy, Dates Candy, Fruit Peels Candy, and more.)