The Unity Eco Village is an environmentally based non-profitable social organization. Nepal being an underdeveloped country, is in a developing phase where the secondary needs are just being approached with haphazard Industrialization, urbanization, and unmanaged waste disposal systems creating a mess such as mass carbon production, pollution, waste chemical production, and deforestation for nature.

Established in 2015 A.D, The Unity Eco Village is the first N.G.O in Kaski that is fully aware of and acting on the plastic, pollution created by plastics and its effect on biodiversity which is destroying marine life as well as our respiratory functioning, atmosphere, and its hand on global warming and climate change.

Our head office is situated at Ghaderi Eco Village 23 – Deurali Chapakot, Kaski. Unity Eco-village aims to create a clean, healthy, futuristic, and sustainable living for all living beings by acting against the major/minor problems related to environmental degradation (i.e: plastic pollution and global warming) which has been marked as one of the main reason for the destruction of the ecosystem, rise in temperature, wildlife extinction, as well as a variety of air and water-borne disease for human, wildlife and all living beings in earth.

Likewise, afforestation programs are frequently held where we plant a variety of fruit plants and herbs (depending upon vegetation, landscape, topography, in the public forest, as well as flood and landslide endangered zones, for both human as well as wildlife to sustain and fight the effects of global warming and climate change.

In the future, we wish to have nationwide projects. However, our second phase project will be in Jyagdi Eco-Village, Syanga, and Ruma Eco-Vilage, Myagdi.