Utkri Stree is a renowned clothing brand based in Nepal that has been making waves in the fashion industry with its unique approach and commitment to empowering women. The brand's name, "Utkri Stree," translates to "Rising Woman" in English, and it encapsulates the core values and mission of the company.

Established in 2010 by visionary entrepreneur Rina Shakya, Utkri Stree has quickly gained recognition for its exquisite designs, quality craftsmanship, and emphasis on promoting women's empowerment. With a strong belief in the potential of Nepalese women, Utkri Stree aims to create a platform that allows them to flourish and express their individuality through fashion.

One of the distinguishing features of Utkri Stree is its fusion of traditional and contemporary elements in its designs. The brand draws inspiration from Nepal's rich cultural heritage, incorporating intricate traditional patterns, vibrant colours, and ethnic motifs into its modern and stylish clothing lines. This fusion creates a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, catering to a wide range of customers who appreciate both cultural heritage and contemporary fashion.

Utkri Stree places a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable fashion practices. The brand works closely with local artisans and craftsmen, providing them with fair wages and safe working conditions. By prioritizing sustainable materials and production methods, Utkri Stree aims to minimize its environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future. This commitment to sustainability not only reflects the brand's responsible approach but also resonates with the values of its socially conscious customers.

In addition to its focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, Utkri Stree is dedicated to empowering women in Nepal. The brand actively promotes female entrepreneurship by providing training and employment opportunities to underprivileged women, particularly those from rural areas. Utkri Stree's workshops and skill development programs equip these women with the necessary tools and knowledge to become self-reliant and financially independent. By nurturing their talents and giving them a platform to showcase their skills, Utkri Stree plays a pivotal role in transforming lives and breaking barriers for women across the country.

Utkri Stree's clothing lines cater to various occasions and styles. From traditional ethnic wear like sarees, lehengas, and kurta sets to contemporary Western outfits like dresses, tops, and jumpsuits, the brand offers a diverse range of choices for its customers. Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability.

Utkri Stree has gained recognition both locally and internationally, showcasing its collections in prominent fashion events and exhibitions. The brand has also expanded its reach through an online presence, allowing customers worldwide to experience its unique designs and support its social initiatives.

Utkri Stree stands as a shining example of a fashion brand that goes beyond creating beautiful clothing. With its commitment to empowering women, promoting sustainability, and preserving cultural heritage, Utkri Stree is reshaping the fashion industry in Nepal and inspiring a new generation of designers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

Our Products

- Tops Mosiac 

- Tops Gray Triangle 

- Tops Navy Blue

- Pants & White Shirt Collar

- K020 – Kurti Black Stripe

- Navy Blue Layer Skirt and White Shirt Collar

- Jumpsuit Linen

- Beige, Black, and White

- Utkristree Yellow Big Print T072

- Utkristree Square Printed Tops T069