With the recent hype of the "Preserve environment for better future of your descendant" motto, most of the riders these days are transferring to ELECTRIC VEHICLES which not only saves fuel but also chiefly contributes to the environmental balance and pollution control which definitely is a great sign of EV's innovation in the future. When it comes to E-scooters, It has been one of the most popular choices for the riders as its very much efficient to ride while environment-friendly. In the context of Nepal too, the use of E-Scooters has been increasing at a high pace. Presently, various companies have been selling E-Scooters in Nepal at a variety of price ranges from affordable ones to quite expensive ones. E-Scooters have been a popular choice for all sorts of people. Young, Adult, Men and Women, everyone loves to ride the easy and efficient method of transportation i.e. Scooter. Now, the new technology of Scooters, E-Scooter, has got the spotlight in Nepal due to frequent shortage of Fuel. And also the good news is Load-Shedding is now eliminated from Nepal, so you can switch to E-Scooters without any fear of getting shortage of fuels. Well, here we introduce one of the best featured and affordable E-Scooters in the market.