Welcome to Mitini Academy (Barista Class). learn Skills and knowledge about Coffee. Cafe & Shop Mitini is run by S.E.A (Social Enterprise Activation) Center supporting women in Nepal.

Want to become an Entrepreneur? Want to start Coffee Shop or look for jobs abroad? Learn Barista Course from our Certified Professional Trainers in a friendly environment.

Advanced Barista Training With Latte Art

- Very brief background to coffee
- Espresso machines, grinders (types and differences)
- Roasting and blending 
- Introduction to milk texturing, micro foaming, stretching
- Steaming and pouring
- Extraction of perfect Shot of espresso 
- Learn to make mocha, latte, cappuccino, and more
- Latte art
- Raw materials and products
- Coffee shop daily operation procedures 
- How to start a Coffee Shop
- Coffee Menu line up