SiddhaDevi Tea Estate is a tea producer that is revolutionizing tea culture around the world. Grown at Nepal's highest elevation at 7600ft backed by over 40 years of tea-making heritage, it is run by a young female founder and employs over 200 female workers in rural ILam. The 99% female team produces the world's finest teas with compostable and reusable packaging.

Located in the high hills of Illam, SiddhaDevi Tea Estate is recognized by the tea-loving community as one of the best tea producers in the world. 'Chiya', the trademark of the SiddhaDevi tea growing region, is the culmination of more than 40 years of tea expertise and heritage, perfecting the taste, colour and aroma of tea. Besides tea, Chiya has been responsible for the economic development of the rural village where she lives. Its unique geographical position at an altitude of 7600 feet and the microclimate associated with it has given Chiya a particularly rare taste and created jobs for more than 200 women in the surrounding community. With a workforce of 99% female and led by a young visionary founder, Chiya has begun to revolutionize the tea industry worldwide. 

Our Tea

- Special Tea (Mountain Oolongs, Himalayan Exotic, Nepal Green, Gold Curls, Mountain Green, White Curls, Silver Wings)

- Retail Tea (Siddha Devi Black, Siddha Devi Green, Green Dip Tea)

- Aged Tea

You can order the Chiya via the website & online platform.