Taja Agro Farm is a pure organic farm located in Sindhupalchowk, Bhotenamlang village. This organic farm offers fresh vegetables and fruits from the local market. It is a farm that produces hygienic and healthy organic vegetables with consideration for health.

Taja Agro's main goal is to provide consumers with healthy and organic products. This farm can easily deliver its products to the local market. Similarly, Taja Farms ships different types of organic vegetables and fruits produced on the farm to different locations in Nepal.

Taja Farm uses environmentally friendly materials in all processes from production to delivery. This farm is run by a youth business. Taja gives many students hands-on learning on her farm. This farm youth business believes that practical skills are more important than theoretical knowledge. The farm has not only succeeded in producing organic products but has also succeeded in developing the villagers' mindset about what they do and what they earn in their village. 

Taja Agro Farm grows organic crops, vegetables and other agricultural products in Sindhupalchok and ships them to Kathmandu. They have pure and organic produce with no chemical reactions. The goal of Taja Agro Farm is to promote agriculture in Nepal.