Nestled at the base of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park in Budhanilkantha, Dekkaido Onsen presents an exquisite haven for those seeking respite and rejuvenation. Our establishment offers an enchanting culinary journey, expertly crafted to harmonize Japanese and Nepali influences, resulting in a fusion of flavours that will captivate your senses. The allure of our location lies in its seamless blend of untamed wilderness and human settlement, intertwining the essence of both nature and culture. This unparalleled setting not only caters to gastronomes but also entices avid hikers, leisurely picnickers, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable day trip or an extended stay. Operating under the guidance of a close-knit circle of friends driven by their passion for gastronomy and innovation, Dekkaido Onsen is dedicated to delivering a refreshing sanctuary where visitors can indulge in delectable cuisine, unwind, and bask in the splendour of nature to their heart's desire.

Our Services

Experience the perfect blend of serenity and adventure with our range of services designed to make your stay unforgettable. From peaceful nights spent in our cosy tents to joyous day picnics in expansive and picturesque spots, we offer a diverse array of experiences tailored with utmost love and care. Every occasion becomes extraordinary with our exceptional services!

Indulge in the embrace of nature while staying in our three delightful Dekkaido tent houses, each equipped with twin beds and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding woods. Immerse yourself in the pure delight of outdoor living, where simplicity meets the splendour of the great outdoors. Our tents are the perfect choice for those seeking a breath of fresh air without the complexities of traditional camping.

Discover an idyllic location capable of accommodating over 200 people, providing ample space for your gatherings. In addition, we offer three charming cottages – Hokkaido Cottage, Langtang Cottage, and Shivapuri Cottage – perfect for intimate dining experiences with small groups. Whether you're planning a delightful picnic, a sizzling BBQ, or a memorable evening soiree, our serene environment offers an exceptional day amidst the tranquil beauty of nature.

Embrace the versatility of our indoor and outdoor spaces, designed to cater to all types of formal and informal meetings, conferences, and private events. With comprehensive technical support and a team of dedicated professionals, we ensure that your professional needs are met with excellence and efficiency. Let us take care of your business requirements while you enjoy the serene ambience of our surroundings.

Our location has been meticulously chosen to provide an exquisite setting for a rejuvenating retreat. It is not merely coincidental but rather a deliberate selection aimed at creating an ambience that is perfect for capturing the essence of music videos, compelling commercials, captivating movie scenes, or engaging short TikTok videos. Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere and let your creativity soar in this remarkable filming destination.