At Education Park, we believe that success comes when we can put a sense of accomplishment and a smile of accomplishment on the faces of our students. Since our founding, we have been striving to provide exemplary service every day. As a team, we recognize that everyone has their own needs and goals. And we have always provided personalized advice to help everyone who comes to us reach their potential.

As consultants, we not only help students process visas but also offer advice on what best suits their goals. When students visit us, they come with high expectations, but little knowledge of the intricacies of planning their study abroad experience. What countries do students want to go to, what majors do they want to major in, and if they can achieve their goals? From unlikely college choices to often-overlooked details, we try to make sure students are well-informed and explained. A judgment about what you want to pursue in the future.

 In addition, we assist students with preparation courses for mandatory academic tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE for those wishing to continue their higher education in Australia, the United States or Europe. Our approach to preparatory courses is unique in that we not only provide course material but also share knowledge. The Education Park team has always strived to live up to our motto when we founded our educational institution: 'Make the future brighter for our students'. 

Our Services

- Student Counselling

-University Application Assistance

-Test Preparation

-Test Administration

-Pre- Departure Briefings

-Documentation Guidance

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