We are a Nepal-based educational consultancy, processing student visas from Nepal to the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, USA and New Zealand. We have offices and partners in these countries to help students if they encounter difficulties while studying there. In addition to processing visas, we also assist with IELTS preparation and university admissions. We started small, but little by little we have achieved great success and fame with the best and most reliable service. We hope that through us you will gain trust and realize your dream of going abroad for higher education. We have hundreds of success stories from satisfied clients who have gone one step further to achieve.


-Besides Nepal, we have offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the USA and New Zealand.
-This will help students solve problems they encountered while studying abroad.
-Respond to legal revisions at laboratories.
-A true representative of some prestigious international colleges and universities
with over 10 Years of Famous History.

-We build trusting relationships between educational providers and students.
-We provide students with quality international education and guide them to choose the best global educational institutions according to their subject.
-Guidance for students choosing subjects with high merit margins. Serve your country by running an education consultancy that eliminates unemployment by helping students get the best education.
-Provide quality services to educational institutions and students.
-Minimize the gap between students and international institutions.
-Provide truthful information and advice to students, knowing their educational background and personal preferences.
-Strict enforcement of legal rules and regulations. mission and vision

-To become the best international education consulting company in Nepal and the world.
-We help educational institutions and students by referring students to our best partner colleges/universities.
-To support Nepalese students to receive the best education in the world at international institutions and return to serve in their home country of Nepal.
-We help students reach their full potential. 




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Nepal Offices: Pokhara, Kathmandu

Abroad Offices: Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Canada