Firante Treks & Expeditions is a Kathmandu-based adventure company, specializing in designing customized adventure trips (mountain biking & trekking) in Nepal and Tibet, enabling trekkers to gain rare sight into the real lives of people of the hidden Himalayas.

Firante Treks & Expedition was established in January 2007 by a group of young professionals with the aim of exploiting socio-tourism for a sustainable world. The company provides services on well-known regular routes throughout Nepal, along with creating new off-route trekking in Humla (the far North West part of Nepal), the most remote district in Nepal.

Firante Treks &  Expedition is one of the few companies promoting tourism inside Humla creating employment for the local people. We bring local people from Humla, always looking forward to promoting Humla as a tourism destination. Our mission is to provide the best quality services to our valued customers as to their requirements. Our aim is to be the best performer so the company has trained professional and experienced leaders both in trekking and mountain biking. We care environment, staff, customer health & safety, local social & culture, and local economy. 

The company takes tourism as an opportunity to proactively protect and further develop Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and awareness, ensuring that the travel experience is meaningful for both the host and the visitor. The company considers socio-tourism as its main advantage.