Jamarko was established in 2001 as a small cottage industry with the aim of contributing to environmental conservation and providing employment opportunities to the underprivileged, particularly women.

While Jamarko's immediate objective is to minimize waste paper, its long-term goal is to aid in the preservation of natural resources and habitats while promoting locally handmade products. Through its initiatives and campaigns, Jamarko raises awareness about the significance of reducing consumption and waste, offering handmade recycled paper and products as sustainable alternatives for consumers.

At Jamarko, we engage in the recycling of waste paper to manufacture recycled paper products. We gather paper waste from various sources and process it into high-quality recycled paper items. Additionally, Jamarko utilizes Nepali Lokta Paper, a traditional handmade paper made from Lokta fibre, a native bast fibre renowned for its strength and durability.

We firmly believe that there is immense potential for the utilization of recycled paper and products within our communities. Above all, paper recycling has become a necessity today in order to conserve limited natural resources and protect the habitats of numerous other species.

Our Products

- Notebooks 
- Paper bags 
- Lampshades 
- Jewellery boxes