Jimbu Thakali is a traditional Thakali Restaurant named after the Himalayan herb called Jimbu. Thakali Khana Set (meal) is widely celebrated in Nepal because of its irresistible taste and variety of portions offered as a meal.

Jimbu Thakali has the unique flavor, aroma, and gratifying taste of the Himalayas. Jimbu thakali’s USP is it’s all under one roof. Take the traditional Thakali food for instance or the American dining experience, Kid's play space for children, or a parking facility with well-mannered staff.

At Jimbu Thakali, You will experience the homely ambiance, Thakali Meals & appetizers which stand for their richness from the Himalayas and ever-welcoming staff.

Contact Details

For Tangaal: 01-4437674
For Jhamsikhel: 01-5544011
For New Baneshwor: 9803064988, 01-4622423
Location 1: Next to Tangaal Chaata Ganesh, Gahana Pokhari Marg, Kathmandu
Location 2: 777 Jhamsikhel Road, Patan, Nepal
Location 3: Min Bhawan (New Baneshwor), Kathmandu