Kailash Helicopter was incorporated in the year 2017. The company obtained a License from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation on May 5, 2017 and acquired a No objection Certificate (NOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal on Dec 6, 2017, to import/acquire 3 units of AS350 B3 Series Helicopters. The promoter/shareholder consists of various personnel from aviation, banking, tourism sector and other prominent businessmen.

Our Services

What does someone remember when a "helicopter" hits their mind? Kailash Helicopter offers it all, ensuring outstanding service. From adventurous flights, rescue operations and helicopter skiing to medical services; Kailash Helicopter has been able to demonstrate its efficiency and capabilities in all ranges of services that any helicopter can provide - ever. The wide range of services our helicopter services currently offer include rescue operations, helicopter skiing, adventure flights, aerial filming and photography as well as activities slings on both cargo as well as sling operations, as the vehicles are similarly designed. standard size.
Kailash Helicopter is determined to build a brand through comfort, safety and quality service. Whether it is cleanliness, seating quality or human hospitality, we are strongly committed to excellence. 


- AIRBUS H125/AS350B3e (Call Sign: 9N AMT)

- AIRBUS H125/AS350B3e (Call Sign: 9N AML)

- AIRBUS H125/AS350B2 (Call Sign: 9N AJJ)