Kantipur Temple House is an eco-friendly hotel & lodging provider in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer organic, hygienic food & eco-friendly environment for our guests.  Nestled in the heart of the city, this unique boutique hotel embraces sustainability, cultural preservation, and responsible tourism practices. 

To safeguard the environment, the Kantipur Temple House adheres to a stringent zero-plastic bag policy. In addition, the hotel refrains from providing plastic water bottles and instead offers free water bottle refilling stations throughout the premises. By doing so, they significantly reduce air, water, and land pollution.

The hotel takes its waste management seriously. On-site composting of biodegradable waste is practised, ensuring that organic waste returns to the earth as nourishment. Non-compostable waste is managed through collaboration with Doko Recyclers, a local recycling initiative. By prioritizing sustainable waste practices, the Kantipur Temple House showcases its commitment to a cleaner environment.

In alignment with its sustainable ethos, the Kantipur Temple House abstains from using televisions, bathtubs, air conditioning, and central heating systems within the premises. This conscious decision helps to minimize excessive energy consumption. Instead, the hotel employs traditional and energy-saving mediums for comfort, such as hot water bottles and electric fans, depending on the season. By embracing these alternatives, the Kantipur Temple House demonstrates its dedication to responsible energy usage.

The hotel takes pride in its authentic ambience, which is a result of its incorporation of native Newari architecture. Intricate carved windows and eaves adorn the building, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley. All the stone and wood carvings within the hotel are custom-made, supporting local artisans and ensuring the continuation of traditional skills. Moreover, the interior décor materials are locally sourced, further bolstering marginalized communities throughout Nepal. 

Kantipur Temple House embodies the architectural style of the Newar community, the indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley. To maintain the authenticity of the Newari architecture, all stone and wood carvings at the Kantipur Temple House are exclusively created for the hotel. 

The brainchild of Mr Bharat Basnet, the Kantipur Temple House is the culmination of his passion for sustainable tourism, cultural preservation, and environmental protection. Mr Basnet, the Managing Director of The Explore Nepal Group, brings a wealth of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. His love for Nepal's nature and culture inspired him to create beautiful and authentic experiences for visitors while ensuring the well-being of the environment and local communities. 

How Does Kantipur Temple House Do This?

- Solar-heated water is provided to all guests for the shower.
- Towels and bed sheets are not changed every day unless specifically requested.
- A green purchasing policy using local materials and food has been adopted.
- Traditional architecture and construction methods are used in building and maintenance.
- “No plastic philosophy” is maintained.
- Purchases made for the restaurant are done without using polythene bags.
- Mineral water bottles are not sold to guests, instead free drinking water is provided in jugs.
- An in-house waste management system of biodegradable waste is set up.
- Employment opportunities are given to locals.
- All staff are encouraged to volunteer on clean-ups of heritage sites.
- There are no televisions/bathtubs/AC/central heating systems to avoid excessive energy consumption. We use traditional and energy-saving mediums for comfort like hot water bags, and electric blankets.
- To cope with the frequent power outage in the country, we have switched to solar power instead of traditional diesel generators for backup. We pride ourselves on being the first among the hotels in Nepal to implement completely clean energy for our day-to-day operation.


- 24×7 Front Desk
- Complimentary WIFI
- Complimentary welcome drinks
- Business centre
- Travel desk
- Laundry service
- Restaurant serving local organically produced native and international cuisine
- Free drinking water (refill your bottles)
- Airport Pickup and Drop Facility for which we charge
- $13 per service
- Free morning yoga classes