Kantipur Management Private Limited (KMPL) is an expertise in human resources solutions and has been providing Human Resource Management and related solutions to organizations across the country since 2012. The company is involved in committed to providing the best services to clients and job seekers in different fields and professions of varied diversity of candidates from entry-level associates, and mid-level managers to first-level managers.

KMPL has a thorough knowledge and strong standing relationship with HR professionals in the markets. With our exclusive dedication to the HR profession, we match the most qualified HR professionals with the right companies. We are proud to say that HR people are both our clients and our candidates, and we know them well.

KMPL provides the client with a variety of recruitment options and allows them to choose the right staffing strategy for the company. Whether dealing with direct-hire, contract, or consulting positions, Kantipur Management finds the appropriate candidates for each. When it comes to placement, we work with our candidates to find the right fit based on their specific career objectives. We know their mentors, career paths, strengths, and development areas.

Our services range from HR consulting, staff outsourcing, recruitment, and selection processes, training and development to business process outsourcing getting broader with the market requirements each day.