Rolling Nexus is a Professional Networking Site developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited, envisioned with an oath and action to be a leader in helping individuals and businesses network and connect with each other, compounding with jobs, tenders, freelance, events, discussion forums, offers and skill assessment and enhancement activities. With the mission of accelerating the connections between B2B, B2C, and C2C, Rolling Nexus is comprised of different modules to serve individual customers and business clients in a professional manner.

As a paramount HR consulting firm in Nepal since the commencement of Rolling Plans Private Limited in 2004, we have been preferred by many organizations in the field of staffing and recruitment services. We have been providing jobs and career management services to job-seekers and promoting employers’ brands for the recruitment process with competent and qualified candidates. Envisaged with the primal objective of providing jobs and recruitment services in Nepal and downsizing the gap between job-seekers and job opportunities, Rolling Job performs as a bridge between employers and job-seekers. As a leading wellspring of job-related information, we gather sufficient resources and data with cost-effectiveness, reliability, and affordability. We are committed to granting excellent customer service and being docile towards our services.