Little Angels' is one of the best educational institutions in Nepal. Under LA Education Group, there are 10 academic institutions, more than 17,000 students, and 1500 employees. LAS is the best in terms of quality education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, extensive facilities, and a large number of student enrollments. All these efforts have helped LAS to produce excellent academic results, well above national averages. Our journey from a small primary school to one of the biggest academic institutions in the country envisions the growth of LA into a university and a model education hub.

LA offer the best quality education up to the university level. We are A Level educational institution across Nepal. Every student can learn practical, behavioural & theoretical education in LA. We have been working in the education field since 1981AD. Our main goal is to provide international-level education in Nepal.

We firmly believe that ensuring student quality comes from a first-class educational program delivered by highly qualified and dedicated teachers who care to provide students not only with knowledge but with the right attitude and skills. increase. After-school and after-school activities are an integral part of LAS school life. The school runs a variety of events, from social awareness camps to international cultural exchange programs, teaching life skills essential to becoming a responsible and balanced global citizen. 




-School Infirmary

-Sports Facilities

-Computer Labs

-Science Lab

-And more

Why LA?





The main highlights of Residential life in LA are:

-Separate hostels for boys and girls under the supervision of Hostel Wardens and in-charges.
-Excellent dining facilities with nutritious food and hygienic cooking conditions
- A water treatment plant.
- Extra tutoring and help from in-house faculty as well as senior students.
- Easy and frequent access to all the comprehensive sports facilities.
- Regular outings and excursions, extracurricular activities, student-organized activities, cultural programs, and musical concerts.
- Round-the-clock high security.