Namaste Nepal Travel & Tour is one of the best travel agencies in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer various types of tour packages within Nepal & outside Nepal. We organize our tour plan in Bhutan, Tibet & Nepal. Namaste Nepal has the best professional guide team for your destination.  

Namaste Nepal Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. is a travel agency located in Nepal. It was established by young professionals in the field of management and tourism. We possess extensive knowledge and experience working with various tour operators, trekking expeditions, air ticketing services, and tourism in Nepal.

Namaste Nepal Travels is a government-licensed travel and tourism company in Nepal. We specialize in organizing tours within Nepal, including city tours, cultural/historical/heritage sightseeing, and thrilling adventures in the Himalayas. Our expertise lies in arranging cultural and heritage tours across Nepal. We are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Nepal through our tours, air ticketing services, trekking expeditions, and Himalayan activities. Our strong commitment lies in preserving our culture and natural environment.

At Namaste Nepal Travels, we have a highly educated and environmentally conscious team with strict standards. Our main objective is to provide you with exceptional travel opportunities and culturally immersive experiences. We take pride in the extensive experience of our guides, who have conducted tours and provided guidance in all regions of Nepal. They possess profound knowledge about every aspect of touring Nepal and trekking in the Himalayas.

Namaste Nepal Travels offers tours throughout Nepal and treks in various Himalayan regions. For our treks, we utilize lodges and tea houses, while remote treks involve our camping arrangements. Opting for a tour of Nepal is the ultimate way to witness the stunning beauty and rich culture of the country.

When in Nepal, you can join existing tours or trekking groups, or we can organize a group with other interested clients. We want to ensure that your time in Nepal is extraordinary and unparalleled. We aim to work closely with you in designing a tour or trek that includes all the sights and activities you desire. Please contact us, and we will turn your dream trip into a remarkable adventure.

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