Nepal Can Move is one of the best courier, cargo, delivery and logistics companies in Nepal. We offer cargo & freight delivery services. We have more than 200 branches in Nepal.  Nepal Can Move is a trailblazing organization that identifies and addresses the major challenges faced by Nepal's trade, commerce, and logistics sectors. Combining the expertise of Australian management and the power of technology, Nepal Can Move adopts a systematic approach to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses operating within the country.

At the core of Nepal Can Move's philosophy lies the concept of systems thinking. By analyzing the intricate connections between various components, Nepal Can Move develops comprehensive solutions that optimize processes and drive sustainable growth. This approach ensures that every aspect of the business ecosystem is carefully considered, leading to holistic and impactful transformations.

A motivated and skilled workforce is crucial for any organization's success, and Nepal Can Move recognizes this fact. With over 400 passionate staff members committed to the organization's vision, Nepal Can Move embraces a CAN culture. This culture emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every client receives exceptional service and support.

Nepal Can Move has set its sights on CAN VISION™ 2030, an ambitious plan that outlines the organization's goals and aspirations for the future. By the year 2030, Nepal Can Move aims to establish branches in each of the 753 municipalities across the nation. This extensive network will serve as a catalyst for economic development, fostering local businesses, and providing employment opportunities to drive sustainable growth. 

To achieve its vision, Nepal Can Move plans to establish branches in all 753 municipalities in Nepal. By decentralizing its operations, the organization aims to bridge gaps and promote economic inclusivity across the country. These branches will act as regional hubs, providing localized support, fostering entrepreneurship, and driving economic progress from within.

Our Services

- Commerce delivery & COD

- Warehousing & Inventory

- Export

- Express mail & parcels

- Banking & Financial

- Project services

What We Do

- Cargo which includes import and export.
- Courier & delivery - we can deliver to most locations in Nepal
- Logistics & warehousing - we can receive, manage and fulfil.
- Transport - we can provide you with fleet management & transport solutions
- Technology - advanced eCommerce banking and logistic tech
- Projects - we deliver aid and help meet your project logistics needs