Upakar Logistics was founded in 2021. Upakar Logistics is pioneered in providing a safe and reliable logistics network in the field of parcel service, ensuring safe and reliable delivery across Kathmandu Valley, aiming all over Nepal. Upakar Logistics is one of the front runners with the well-equipped latest technology and workflow is a logistics company that facilitates businesses and individuals to deliver their parcels to end consumers. We have an integrated hub-and-spoke operating model which enables optimal aggregation of consignments from a diversified customer base across multiple industries and locations.

Upakar Logistics started with the vision to smoothen the delivery process and promote local businesses in Nepal. We move parcels and packages of varying sizes and weights across the valley. We provide our customers with billing, collection, tracking, pick-up, and delivery services. We operate through our own vehicles enabling the safest possible movement for packages with the lowest incidences of theft, pilferage, damage, etc. We operate for customers in various sectors, including e-commerce, retail, fashion & apparel, food & beverage, FMCG, healthcare, electronics, home appliances, and furniture. We provide solutions that enable our customers to leverage our distribution network and optimize the performance, cost, and efficiency of their supply chains, shortening lead time to market.