Nepal Unique Treks & Expedition is one of the best trekking agencies located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer best-selling trekking and tourist destination in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.  We bring various types of tour packages for our guests with various facilities. Mainly, We focus on Trekking, Climbing, Hiking, Camping and other recreational and adventure activities. 

Nepal the Nepal Unique Treks Seeking trekking in Nepal, tour in Nepal, wilderness adventure in Nepal, or cultural and heritage walking in Nepal then Nepal Unique Treks is the best and most reliable travelling companion to choose for the impeccable hospitality and quality service during your stay in Nepal and enjoy your holiday like never before.

Why Nepal Unique Trek & Expedition 

Nepal Unique Treks are more responsible trekking agencies that offer trekking, tours in Nepal. we have 18 years of field experience in real travelling, trekking, and exploring the Himalayas. there is no middleman in the organization process we are trained already t means we can organize, can design your holiday in Nepal ourselves Our team members live to eat and breathe adventure travel, trekking with the massive knowledge that only comes from years of experience in the field.

- We are a professional & Government-authorized trekking company

- Holidays in Nepal

- Treks Offer Quality Services

-  Locally Owned and Operated and Outward-Looking

- Sustainable, Integrity, Environment, and Social Responsibility

Tour Activities

- Trekking

- Climbing

- Cultural tour

- Rafting

- Kayaking

- Paragliding

- Mountain Bike

Tour Destination Country

 - Nepal

- Tibet

- Bhutan