Radio Dharan 88.8MHz. A group of energetic young people who will be actively involved in the industry, business, healthcare, education and media in response to social contributions, which will begin broadcasting on Ashad 23 July 2069 (7 July 2012) we picked up Radio Dharan stations are located at Dharan-13, Zero Point, Janaki Path. Radio Dhahran with advanced infrastructure is located in Sunsari, Morang (Biratnagar), Japa, Udaipur, Shiraha, Sapthari, Dhankhta, Jogbani (India), Farbisgun (India), Bihar (India) and adjacent areas of India. We cover all regions.

The world through the website –, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Radio Dharan broadcasts the program 18 hours a day. Radio Dharan can listen on FM at 88.8 MHz.

It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious organization. The main purpose of establishing the organization was to make a valuable contribution to various aspects of social development and to guide young people towards positive attitudes and social service. 

Our Service

-Advertisement (Radio/Television/Newspaper/Website/Social Media)

-Promotion (Radio/Television/Newspaper/Website/Social Media)

- Production 

-All kinds of Radio Programs

-Jingles for Advertisement and Announcements

-Compose Music and Songs

- Promotional Videos Etc

-Different pieces of training

-Press Meet Management

-Arrangement of Host for an Events

-Boosting Social Media Etc.