The Babu Adventures - Courses & Adventures in Nepal

Babu Adventure is a passionate team of specialists at your service for adventure in the Himalayas. We aim to be your one-stop place for exploration in Nepal.

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, like trekking between the highest peaks, kayaking the magnificent rivers, or paragliding with amazing surroundings, then Nepal is the place to be!

The Babu Adventure Group

- The Babu Adventure Group is working in 4 sectors, each with its own focus, qualities, and strengths

- The Babu Adventures International School (main focus: teaching all different paragliding-related courses)
- The Babu Adventure Expedition (main focus: adventures in Nepal)
- The Babu Adventure Paragliding (main focus: paragliding in Nepal)
- Flying Himalaya Paragliding (main focus: paragliding in Pokhara)


The Babu Adventure Pvt. Ltd

The Babu Adventures International Paragliding School

Head Office
Address: Birkot-5 (Sirkot), Syangja, Nepal
Tel: 977-61-466827
Cell: 977-9856013099
Website: www.babuadventure.commmmm

Branch Office

Address: Baidam Road, Pokhara, Nepal

Tel: 977-61-466827

Cell: 977-9856013099