The Explore Nepal is a travel agent in Nepal based in the capital, Kathmandu, Nepal. We have more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the travel industry of Nepal. 

We offer tours that allow tourists to immerse themselves in the beauty of Nepal, a multicultural country. Our wildlife tours enable both tourists and agents to explore thousands of species of flora and fauna that are unmatched by any other nation.

As a private travel agency in Kathmandu, we provide a comprehensive travel guide and tailor-made Nepal travel packages to suit your needs. Our aim is to offer top-quality luxury holidays, short treks, pilgrimage tours, and family vacations. Our tour itineraries cover the best tourist spots in Nepal, providing a wide range of travel guides, luxurious tours, city packages, travel agents, private guides for cultural tours, honeymoon packages, and adventurous 4WD travel across Nepal, all at great deals. In addition to our scheduled programs, you can also add your choice of extra activities. Our main focus is to create the best Nepal tour and travel package that aligns with your desired activities and budget.

We cover day tours in Kathmandu, as well as other tourist attractions in historical cities such as Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Lumbini, and Chitwan. We don't mean to boast, but when it comes to being an all-rounder agency, we excel. We provide the best routes and guides for cultural or historical tours in major cities, as well as adventure treks and tours with varying levels of difficulty, ranging from short 3-day treks to full 15-day treks.

Nepal boasts a variety of trekking routes, considered the best in the world. It's no secret that Mount Everest is one of Nepal's most popular attractions. Hundreds of thousands of tourists line up for a glimpse of the majestic peak during the Everest Base Camp trek. Apart from the EBC trek, the Annapurna Base Camp trek is another popular route pursued by many tourists.

The diverse geography of Nepal allows for an abundance of treks and hikes throughout the country. Additionally, we provide opportunities for practising Yoga under the guidance of qualified and certified gurus at various yoga retreats across the country. You can find the Yoga Retreats in Nepal here. At Explore Nepal, we take pride in offering the widest range of adventure holiday packages of the highest quality. And we deliver.

To conclude, Nepal is well-known for its rich historical background and stunning landscapes for trekking and sightseeing. Many people have dedicated a lifetime to exploring World Heritage temples, towns, culture, and architecture. Alongside its rich antiquity, Nepal is also a paradise for mountain lovers, with its mountain trails in the Himalayas. Moreover, our country offers peace of mind, spiritual centres, and wildlife tours, adding to the array of activities for enthusiastic tourists to enjoy and relax. We organize the cross-border tour in Bhutan & Tibet. 

Why Choose Us?

The Explore Nepal Group stands as a highly esteemed tour agency specializing in Nepal tours. Our agency has obtained a license and recognition from the tourism authority of the Government of Nepal since 1988.

Throughout the years, we have been at the forefront of promoting sustainable and responsible tourism in Nepal. We have actively encouraged other travel and tour companies in the country to follow suit. Our expertise lies in providing unparalleled and captivating tourism packages in some of the world's most extraordinary destinations. Each of our trips, tours, and activities is meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our focus extends beyond mere entertainment. We strive to provide culturally and spiritually enlightening journeys while upholding our commitment to environmental, social, and cultural sustainability. When compared to other travel and tour agents in Nepal, we distinguish ourselves by placing great emphasis on ensuring that every aspect of your stay in Kathmandu and elsewhere is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Furthermore, we take immense pride in offering the finest Nepali hospitality. This amalgamation of eco-tourism, style, and comfort truly represents our dedication to excellence.

Explore Nepal also involve in various social activities like Bagmati Clean-up Drive, Campaigning to stop the construction of Nijgadh Airport, Vulture Conservation Awareness Theatre for students, locals and environmental awareness in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, etc.

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