Tiger Tops is the first operation in Nepal to provide a truly ethical elephant experience. The welfare of our elephants is our primary concern and we strive to give you the most natural and educational elephant encounter without compromising the wellbeing of these majestic creatures.

Over the past 50 years, our core ethos of responsible tourism has stood us in good stead. We are a family-run business and many of our staff have been with us all their working lives. We promote conservation awareness at all of our properties and aim to have the least possible impact on the surrounding environment. We want to ensure our legacy is sustainable and thus we engage readily with local communities by providing jobs, skills training, and education and health facilities. We consider ourselves to offer a luxury adventure experience. Not luxury in the ‘gold taps’ sense of the word; rather our aim is to transport our guests to remote and beautiful parts of this extraordinary country and allow them to experience the environment at its most natural. We believe in good food and comfortable rooms, but above all, we believe in great staff – it's they who will bring the experience alive for you.