Astanga Ayurveda Hospital & Research Center is the best Ayurveda hospital in Nepal. We offer the best Ayurveda treatment for all our guests. With a history spanning thousands of years, Ayurveda places emphasis on the balance between mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal health. Unlike conventional medicine, which often focuses solely on treating symptoms, Ayurveda takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to address the root causes of ailments.

Astanga Ayurveda Hospital & Research Center stands as a leading institution in the field of Ayurvedic healthcare. Nestled in the vibrant city of Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal, it is a beacon of hope for individuals seeking alternative treatment options. The hospital's serene and tranquil environment provides a conducive setting for healing, allowing patients to embark on a journey towards complete well-being.

At the core of Astanga Ayurveda's treatment methodology lies the Ksharasutra method. This technique involves the application of medicated thread (Ksharasutra) to effectively manage and treat conditions such as piles, fistula, and fissures. The Ksharasutra, a specialized line infused with potent herbal extracts, is inserted into the affected area, promoting healing and restoration. 

Astanga Ayurveda Hospital & Research Center recognizes the importance of extending its healing touch to individuals residing beyond the confines of Kathmandu. With additional branches in Koteshwor, Itahari, Bharatpur, and Butwal, the institution aims to make holistic healthcare easily accessible to a broader population. 


- Various problems are treated here with Ayurvedic methods.
- Diseases like piles, fistulas and fissures are treated in a special way without surgery.
- Diseases such as sprains, broken bones, rheumatism, paralysis, back, waist, and joint pain are treated.
- It is used to treat anorexia, indigestion, constipation, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.
- Mental stress, fatigue, asthma, and stones are treated.