Om Healthcare Diagnostic Center is a trusted name in the medical and healthcare industry in Siddhipur, Lalitpur, Nepal. We are committed to delivering top-quality diagnostic services to our patients, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. 

Are you looking for a reliable healthcare facility that offers a wide range of diagnostic services? Look no further than Om HealthCare Diagnostic Center, located in Siddhipur, Lalitpur, Nepal. As a reputable medical and health center, we prioritize accurate diagnoses and provide exceptional care to our patients. Our dedicated team of medical professionals utilizes advanced technology and expertise to ensure accurate results and personalized treatment options. At Om HealthCare Diagnostic Center, we aim to improve the well-being of our community by offering a comprehensive suite of medical services.

Our Services

Our Services: 
- Ultra Sound
- Liver Function
- Kidney Function
- Lipid Profile
- Thyroid Stimulating
- Blood Sugar Screening
- Complete Blood Count
- Urine Routine Examination
- Bone & Joint Screening
- Sr. Doctor Consultation