Education Network Auspark Pvt. Ltd is an educational institution established with the aim of providing quality educational services. We came up with the motto "Change Your Career" and so we take pride in serving many students to help them improve their education and career. We are a member of ECAN (Educational Consultants Association of Nepal) and are fully committed to our codes of conduct to ensure that we provide authentic information to our students and operate ethically. In today's ever-changing world and life, innovative and progressive ideas are hitting the market. Technology, business trends, legal trends, everything changes on a daily basis and to be updated and adapt to these changes and strategies one must have a world-class education and be an expert in the respective field. And that is why studying abroad is popular and plays an important role in shaping each person's career. Recognition, reputation and assurance of better opportunities will spark the desire to pursue study abroad to help students see their bright future. Education Network Auspark Pvt. Co., Ltd build bridges between students and world-class universities/colleges/organizations. 

 We are established with the prime and pious objective to help students in their pursuit of higher education abroad in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, U.K, Canada and many others.
Our primary goal is to ensure that the students who are planning to go to study abroad are provided with the full fledge information and professional advice on the various requirements and procedures in a systematic manner and prepare them with the necessary test preparations.

We offer the best bachelor, diploma, and master courses for Nepali Students. We provide the best preparation classes & counselling services. 






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