Bhojan Griha is an authentic Nepali restaurant in Kathmandu. The restaurant offers an exceptional experience for both tourists and locals in search of authentic Nepali cuisine, accompanied by captivating traditional folk dances and music. You'll have the opportunity to marvel at the magnificence, architecture, and design reminiscent of the historic palaces of Nepal's Kings, as the restaurant has been meticulously restored to its original form. Every bite of our delectable dishes will reflect our sincere commitment to serving organic food sourced from our own farms in Gundu and other locations. Furthermore, we take pride in our in-house shops where you can find a variety of organic farm products such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and staple foods, as well as handcrafted Nepali treasures like yoga mats, lip balms, and bags.

Through Bhojan Griha, we strive to promote and showcase the richness and diversity of Nepali cuisine, culture, and architecture while conducting our business. Additionally, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of organic food and support for locally made products.  Ancient architectural, cultural, fooding heritage, traditional organic food farms, folk dances and songs of various ethnicities of Nepal, and the familiar environment are the major attractions of Bhojan Griha.

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