Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen was established in Pokhara, Nepal, a little over a year ago with a noble vision. The organization aims to achieve triple benefits through its operations. Firstly, Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen connects small-scale farmers directly to central processing facilities, ensuring an adequate income for these farmers. Secondly, they provide nutritious and healthy food to schools and hospital canteens, benefiting many consumers. Lastly, Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen creates educational and employment opportunities for young individuals, fostering sustainable food systems.

Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen is on a mission to provide nutritious, sustainable, and locally sourced food options in Pokhara, Nepal. With a focus on private and public school canteens, hospital canteens, and bulk delivery, Sarvaguna Foods & Kitchen aims to promote a healthier lifestyle and support sustainable food systems. 


- Private School Canteens

- Public School Canteens

- Hospital Canteens

- Bulk Delivery

Our Menus

- All fruits & vegetables as long as they are local, safe to eat, and seasonal

- 100% whole grains - reduced use of refined flour

- Oils & fats that are unrefined, virgin, or cold-pressed

- Meat and poultry (including eggs) that are grass-fed, pastured, or humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics

- Dairy that is full-fat, grass-fed, pasture-raised, unpasteurized, and unsweetened

- Sweeteners that are unrefined and raw, such as honey or jaggery

- No deep-fried foods

- No fast food