G&K international education Consultant is a service and solution-oriented company founded with the dream of providing quality consultation for higher education for students aspiring to go abroad. We provide guidance and help students with visa preparation and documentation to reach their dream destinations.

Globalization has made international education more necessary than ever in recent years,  as students around the world challenge each other, the world becomes a global village, and the need for professional growth for lifelong learning processes increases.

Currently, there is a proliferation of instruction centres in Nepal, but most of them do not provide adequate instruction to students. To put an end to these abuses, G&K International Education Consultants was founded with a broad vision to serve education across borders and borders. G&K International Education Consultant Center is an academic organization founded with the purpose of providing aspiring candidates with superior educational support, guidance and information through a team of true academics and experienced and dedicated professionals.  

We focus on developing critical, analytical and creative thinking skills in our students. With a variety of hands-on activities, activities, and a wonderful reading and learning environment, we serve every student as an important medium for international education. We are the reliable driver of the international-level study destination that the students want.

1. Australia
2. UK
3. USA
4. Canada

Our Services
- Overseas education counselling
-Test preparations
  1. IELTS
  2. PTE
-Country, Program and University Selection
- Application and Admission Assistance
- Financial Aid
-Visa Processing
-Pre-departure Briefing
-Travel Assistance