Mercy Education is an independent organization established in 2003 (previously known as the Multi-Ed Institute) that promotes international education with a particular focus on student counselling and counselling services. Its purpose is to provide a formal and recognized link between international educational institutions, national institutions and students planning to study abroad.

To achieve this goal, we operate as a full-time educational counselling centre. Our main goal is to help students planning to stay abroad receive systematic expert advice and information on the various requirements and procedures to process their admission applications. To support and coordinate the promotion of education, we hold seminars and exhibitions that pose the needs and vision of our customers in a targeted and quality-assured manner for the implementation of comprehensive marketing objectives. We offer preparation classes like IELTS, TOEFL, SAt, and PTE.

Mercy Education Consultancy -came into foreign admission and student visa service at a time when talented and genuine students and their parents were desperately looking for honest and transparent educational consultants in their city.

Study Abroad

-Study in Australia
-Study in the USA
-Study in the UK
-Study in Canada
-Study in New Zealand