Sharda Education Park Consultancy is the leading consultancy in Banke. We are located in Koharpur, Banke, Nepal. We offer the best & reliable consultancy services for those who want to go abroad to study. Our major goal is to support our students in the selection of good educational destinations in the world. We have professional counsellors with lots of experience. We provide various services from the beginning to the ending the process of abroad study.

Sharda Education Park, also known as Sharda Education & Consulting Institute, is a leading international education and consulting institute specializing in science, technology and management education in Nepal and abroad, representing more than 100 top universities and colleges in Nepal, Australia, Japan, USA and Europe. Sharda Education prioritizes its vision by providing a range of premier opportunities to empower students and transform their career decision-making and working lives. Our professional and experienced agencies will assist you with appropriate advice and other related preparations for studying abroad.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide the comprehensive advice and quality support required by those wishing to enter science, technology and management education in a national and international college and university to Learn higher. Why educate Sharda? An experienced team of advisors will assist students with their university representative and visa application process. Experienced members of the organization, ensuring the right contribution to the students. Choose a university or college with reduced tuition fees and free admission to colleges and universities. Focus on matching student profiles with the right school and destination. 

Our Services

- Study, Work, Earn & Live In Australia, Japan, USA, Canada & Europe

- Students Visa,

- Business Visa,

- Travel Visa,

- Dependent Visa,

- Visit Visa & International Flight Ticketing

- Test Preparation Center (IELTS/TOEFL)

-  Country & University Selection 

- Counseling & Guidance

- Application Process

- Financial Assistance For Documents

- Visa Assistance & Visa Preparation, 

- Accommodation & Airport Pick Up

- Travel Arrangements

- Language Classes (English/Japanese Etc.) 

- Entrance Preparation

Our Programs

- Higher Education

- Diploma, Bachelor, Master, Diploma to Degree 



- Japan


- New Zealand

- Canada 

- Europe