Keeping these things in mind, Ama Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. has the idea of ​​producing nutritious food needed by the human body from local products and delivering it to consumers at an affordable price. With the aim of inspiring farmers in different areas of Nepal to produce pesticide-free products and use modern machines to process and package them, this women-owned private company has started work in the field of production.

"Ama Agro Products Pvt Ltd" was established in the year 2075 BS with the aim of making a special contribution to the industrial sector through women's entrepreneurship.


  • Raw Material Collection And Storage
  • Raw Material Grading/Sorting
  • Raw Material Cleaning
  • Raw Material Roasting
  • Raw Material Grinding
  • Finished Goods Packaging

Products Catagories

  • Satu
  • Flour Items
  • Local Lentils/ Daal
  • Grits
  • Traditional Products
  • Local Rice
  • Roasted Grains & Cereals