Biloba Organic was founded in 2014. In the first year, the project planted an orchard in Katike village at 2300 meters above sea level (Katike village is about 10 km uphill from the current farm). After the 2015 earthquake, much of the plantation was lost due to maintenance difficulties. We were able to do the transplant. About 80 almond, apple, pear and 100 kiwi trees are grown today. In the same year, Biloba established a local farm and nursery and farm at 1600 m near Nawalpur. The devastating earthquake of 2015 prompted us to focus on construction and rebuilding over the next few years. In Nawalpur, over the years he has planted and distributed about 500,000 black cardamom trees, 80,000 coffee seedlings, and several species such as citrus and new fruit trees. We reached out to young farmers across Nepal and organized a Farmers Summit in 2018. The SPARK project was started by Judith Conant Chase. Biloba Organic Farm was established in the village of Kainjale in 2019 and has been dedicated to the land here ever since. The land was purchased by Biloba Organic in 2017 when the original owner moved to Kathmandu. We put a lot of effort into building our homes and other infrastructure and planted about 2000 trees on our land.
These years have taught us a little bit about what works and what doesn't. We learned through trial and error. 

Along with coffee, Biloba Organic Farm has different citrus fruits, Guava, Hibiscus, Nepal hug plum, Mulberry, Almond, Sichuan pepper, black Cardamom, herbs and spices, and native and non-native trees.

Farm Stay

A friendly Nepali family runs this organic coffee plantation. You live next door to a lovely coffee farmer's family and your room has an amazing view of the valley and coffee fields and you can explore the coffee farm every day.

This organic coffee plantation harvests, grinds, cleans and dries coffee cherries. In each phase, you can find not only tools but also problems and solutions.

Biloba's team carefully selects and roasts the finest beans to bring you the best Nepali speciality coffee. If you love delicious coffee with subtle and varied flavours and want to learn about the coffee tree-to-cup process while staying in a very secluded and relaxing part of Nepal. Please feel free to contact us to make a reservation for your stay by phone.