We are a team of experienced medical service providers with senior GI surgeons conducting the proctology services of the clinic. We are very patient-centric and are always committed to delivering best-in-class treatment and experience to every single patient who visits our clinic. 

Clinic Neo wishes to be a household name for effective medical services.

Our Services

- Proctology Consultation

- Laser Treatment of Piles

- Laser Treatment of Fissure

- Gastroenterology Consultation

We are a team of healthcare professionals in pursuit of revolutionizing the way quality service is provided in the Nepalese healthcare industry. We believe every Nepalese deserves excellent healthcare service at a reasonable rate. We are committed to using 

- Top-level expert team of surgeons and medical professionals
- Superior European Laser technology
- Excellent service and management
- Patient first attitude
- Highly safe and effective treatment